Jack Before Autism

Jack During Autism

Jack After Autism

My son I believe slipped after the Hep B in delivery room and 
2 months later after another...18 vaccines total.
We began biomedical DAN! protocol treatment at 21 months and have worked hard everyday for 3 years now using therapy's including ABA, GFCFSF diet, Hyperbaric treatments, and others.....
well worth the money and time.  I have a perfect little boy back! 
He has not lost the diagnosis yet and I will most likely never test to see.....
He has no self stim behaviors anymore and can hold meaningful conversations. He is proof of before and after autism.

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  1. My nephew Jack is absolutely proof that with DAN!, ABA, GFCFSF diet, Hyperbaric treatments and ALOT of hard work, time, patience, energy, LOVE, and alot of money (due to insurance company issues) that our kids CAN RECOVER!!
    I would also like to say that my sister Traci and her husband David are heros to me and our family! They are Autism Warriors and I am so proud of them both for what they have done for Jack and the Autism community!
    LOVE YOU!!!
    Auntie Ursula